Holland Discusses Future

REENVILLE, N.C. - Earlier this week it was announced that East Carolina Director of Athletics Terry Holland will transition into
an AD emeritus role.
Holland's current role could last a couple of years until his contract ends or they could find a new athletic director sometime in that two-year period.
"I like to fish a little, but not a lot so I don't see myself retiring just yet. If I found something else to do at that same age it might make more sense. Trying to predict what kind of shape I'll be in for 5-10 years as the AD and extending the contract really didn't make sense."
When people ask Holland about moving to the Big East only to see it potentially dissolve in the coming weeks, he was quite frank in his answer.
"Finding a situaton that is stable isn't out there anymore. Nobody knows for sure what will happen next, said Holland, "I'm sure there will be a lot of confusion over the Big East brand. Hanging onto that brand is a legal issue. 2/3's majority is needed to dissolve the conference but if you dissolve the league, who gets the name? Hopefully we'll come to our senses and say hey we're all in this together."
Coach Holland talked about the quality of the situation in Greenville and how good a job this actually is.
"This is one of the best jobs in the country. All you have to do is coach up the Pirate Nation a little bit and they'll do the rest," Holland said, "They said they were going to name the Olympic Sports
Complex after me and I said we ought to name it after the Pirate Nation since they are the ones who put in the work."
The former Davidson center and coach at both
Virginia and Davidson spoke on all matters ECU when he met with the press. Catch PI-TV video from Murphy Center on the campus of East Carolina University.